400. Joyfully Cricket – Spirituality, Clarifying What Manifesting Means and Singing Happy Songs

Joyfully Cricket is a Spiritual Life Coach and Inspirational Singer-Songwriter.  Cricket has been a lifelong singer and performer, but began her journey of transformation at the age of 20 when she experienced a personal tragedy.   She made the choice to allow this tragedy to propel her into a life of spiritual and personal growth, to make meaning of the loss.   Through her grieving, Cricket used songwriting as a way to process her pain.  After years of self-healing using her songwriting and spiritual tools, Cricket started to channel her transformation into her songs and began writing and performing inspirational folk music.   Her new style of music carried themes of joy, passion, purpose, and manifestation.  This new writing style and mission, to uplift people with her music, and her belief that everyone has a right to live out their dreams, led to Cricket becoming a certified Life Coach in 2018.  Cricket now blends the gift of her music with her passion for creativity and personal growth as a Spiritual Life Coach. Cricket shares her music and coaching with one on one clients, in spiritual centers, workshops, classes, women’s circles, and even writes custom affirmation chants for her clients to help shift their mindsets to believe more fully in themselves and their ability to achieve their dreams.

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