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503. Jessika Lagarde -Exploring the Psychedelic Landscape: Benefits, Controversies, and the Path to Regulation

Jessika Lagarde is a psychedelic-assisted medicine facilitator, integration coach, Women On Psychedelics co-founder, and educator in the psychedelic space. Since 2020, she has been behind WOOP’s content production, where her passions for storytelling, women’s empowerment, and psychoactive substances converge. Jess’ personal healing work with psychedelics has made her more aware of the crisis of disconnection…

502. Mimi Hayes – Funny in Real Life

Mimi Hayes is a comedian, speaker, and author of “I’ll Be OK, It’s Just a Hole in My Head.” Hayes wrote the book while recovering from a brain injury at the age of twenty-two as a high school teacher. Her honest take on trauma and love followed her to the stage as a stand-up comedian…

Ep. 3 Owning Your Shit – Nothing is Alright

Owning Your Shit is a series by writer, Carson McKenna, in which she shares her most honest and intimate parts of her life. From loneliness to panic disorder, from love to commitment phobia…Carson not only bares it all, but she owns it. Maybe it is time for you to own your shit too. Intro Theme…

501. Margie Newman – Yoga for Public Speaking

Margie Newman is a public speaking coach and a certified yoga and meditation teacher (RYT® 500). She integrates breath and meditation practices in an innovative approach that helps clients build confidence and self-regulate their nervous system to bring their most confident presence to stage. Her book, “Yoga for Public Speaking,” is available on Amazon Kindle.…


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Dr. D’s Social Network

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Dr. Darian Parker covers an incredible amount of topics with a variety of guests from all over the world. He created this podcast as a different way to educate himself and expand his mind because being closed minded is a dangerous thing. Feel free to come on this journey with Dr. D and if you do…your horizons will be expanded.

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