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Accountability. Yup…that’s what a personal trainer primarily provides a client in the most basic concept of it. You don’t like to exercise and honestly…you shouldn’t. Biologically, we have spent our ancestry expending calories to stay safe, forage, hunt and reproduce. Our current form of exercise is foreign to us so I get it. You don’t want to do it, but guess what? You have to.

I’m guessing if you are reading this page then you don’t hunt, gather, dig or spend a lot of time protecting yourself. Really…none of us do. So, you need a little help to begin the process of starting an exercise program. Let’s set the expectations. I’m not a seasonal trainer, an event based trainer or someone who intends to help you get fit and then send you off to your own devices so I can make room for more clients. I’m into commitment. That means I want to be your trainer for as long as you will have me and as long as I will have you.

The majority of my clients have been with me for over eight years. My longest running client is 14 years. We’ve become more than a trainer and a client. We’ve become friends, companions and confidants. A great client-trainer relationship feels like a healthy committed relationship. It requires vulnerability, humility and consistent interest from both parties. How does that sound to you?

Client Testimonials

Darian is the best! I’ve been training with him for over 14 years. At 53 I am in the best shape of my life. His training and techniques always keep it interesting, challenging, and new. We switched online a year ago and the workouts became even better. He’s advanced in all techniques and will work around injuries. If you want to transform your health or reach new levels this is the trainer for you.

— Mike N.

Highly recommend! I have been through diets, shred programs, and body shaming for most of my adult life and came to Darian mostly out of exhaustion and desperation. He was the first trainer I’ve encountered that emphasized working towards long-term, instead of short-term, results. I am amazed, impressed, and grateful to be working with someone who is committed to starting with the foundation and fundamentals of exercise, then building on that base. I assure you, there isn’t a better workout (or conversation!) you’ll experience in 30 min!

-Aimee B.

I have been training with Darian since 2013. In addition to being a delightful human being, he is an excellent trainer with a gift for pushing me to my limits while pulling back when necessary. I also trained with him through a pregnancy, which enabled me to stay fit before, during, and after the birth of my son. Dr. Darian Parker has my utmost respect as a person and trainer. I love working with him!

-Cortney W.

Contact Me About Training

Please feel free to provide your name, email and a message to connect with me about personal training. I offer live virtual personal training services so we can connect for training almost anywhere we both have a live online connection. I look forward to hearing from you!

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