401. Dr. Amy Bantham – Policy and Legislation in Health and Fitness and Changing the Messages and Messengers of Health and Move to Live More Podcast

414. LaJune Singleton – Every Client Is Not an Ideal Client and The Role of Grief in Health and Wellness Dr. D’s Social Network

A Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindset Strategist, Nutritional Lifestyle Coach, the author of  “Releasing My Trauma: The Root of Self-Sabotage”, Podcaster, Cycling Instructor, and Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience working with busy career & retiree women, in the areas of obesity, fitness, chronic illnesses, mindset, nutrition, wellness, mental/physical health, and injury recovery. lajunesingleton.com   Instagram.com/iamlajunesingleton   Facebook.com/lajunesingleton   Linkedin.com/lajunesingleton   https://youtube.com/lajunesingleton — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/drdarianparker/message
  1. 414. LaJune Singleton – Every Client Is Not an Ideal Client and The Role of Grief in Health and Wellness
  2. 413. Aubrie – That Pesky Prostitute
  3. Arbiters of Bad Taste w/ Simon Milliman and Darian Parker – Review of "Wind River"
  4. 412. Dr. Kristen Eccleston – The Mental Health of Children and How Parents Play a Big Role
  5. 411. Dr. Tara S. – How Much Sex Americans Are Actually Having and How to Be a Better Sex Communicator

Dr. Amy Bantham is the CEO/Founder of Move to Live®More with a mission to help people live healthier, longer, more active lives. A research and consulting firm addressing physical inactivity, obesity, chronic disease and social determinants of health through cross-sector collaboration and innovation, Move to Live®More provides services to clients in three sectors—healthcare, health & fitness and communities. A certified health and wellness coach, personal trainer, and group exercise instructor, Amy holds a Doctor of Public Health from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.




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