371. Kara Tatelbaum – Putting My Heels Down: a memoir of having a dream and a day job

Described by the New Yorker as “having brown curls, bright eyes, kiddish exuberance and looking like the heroine of a children’s book, Really Rosie meets Olivia the Pig,” Kara Tatelbaum brings full-out dancer energy to all of her endeavors. She tries like hell not to pigeon-hole herself—striving for a life of authenticity, grace, and humor. As a sought-after teacher and Wellness + Resilience coach, Kara empowers others to hold on, let go, realize, and expand their own dreams. You can find her spotlight center-stage or cheering from the audience. Turns out she’s comfortable both places.  Her memoir Putting My Heels Down: a memoir of having a dream…and a day job—a brutally honest look at her life as a dancer and very reluctant Pilates instructor trying to make it in NYC—will be released by Motina Books on International Dance Day (April 29, 2022). 




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