370. Lance Smith – The Value of Connection and Health in Our Daily Lives

Originally from Indiana, I moved out to Colorado a little bit over 4 years ago to enjoy the outdoors, experience new things, and explore new places.  My wife (fiancé at that time) joined me 6 months later and we were married a year after I made the move to Colorado.  Our family is growing, and we are currently a family of 5.  We have a dog (Kash), cat (Kiki), and our 4-month-old son, Ryker and hope to continue growing our family over the coming years.  I have spent most of my professional career in the fitness industry ranging from personal training to gym management and have spent the last two years in IT Services/Staffing Sales as an Account Manager.  I like to think of myself as a typical American that loves this country and all the potential we have as a nation.  I am on a mission to continue my personal growth, positively impact others, and to do something great in this world.  I have strong interests in politics, current events, and bringing about new ideas and thinking of new ways and approaches of looking at and doing things. I also love to travel, exercise/stay active, eat great food, and learn new things. Most importantly, I love discussing the future and talking with others to gain unique perspectives that continuously help me grow personally and professionally https://www.linkedin.com/in/lancesmith34/  https://m.facebook.com/lance.smith.395

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