464. Raven Hernandez – Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective and Luxurious? The Future is Earth Ride Share

Raven Hernandez is the 27 year old founder and CEO of Earth Rides – an all-electric ride-hailing app, the first company of its kind at launch during the 2020 pandemic. Unlike Uber and Lyft, all rides on Earth are done in a fleet of electric vehicles, like Teslas, and takes a driver-centered approach, by creating financial health tools that uplift gig economy workforce. With over 300,000 passengers since its launch, Earth is steadily growing and breaking the glass ceiling along the way.

As a first-generation Latina American in Nashville, TN, Raven grew up in the most humble of ways, watching her own mother and grandmother’s hard work and tenacity after her grandmother left the jungles of Panama to find work in the city when she was just ten years old. This example of fortitude and perseverance influenced Raven heavily, and by 17 years old, she was a college student on the path to graduating and entering law school by 20 years old. The desire to enter into law practice was personal, with Raven experiencing the judicial system firsthand after numerous relatives and friend’s faced incarceration and death at the hands of gun violence. Because of this, at the age of 14 she decided she wanted to be a lawyer and eventually Raven graduated from Pepperdine Caruso School of Law but a career in law was not in the cards for Raven.

While facing health problems during law school, Raven became committed to health and wellness and began living an organic lifestyle. Upon graduation she was inspired to start Earth Rides after a personal quest to improve her own health and affect change on a large scale. The resulting company was envisioned as a way to help people make a small difference in their everyday lives while enjoying a better experience from a service that they already use. 

Raven is a successful entrepreneur and “eco-enthusiast”, who is committed to accelerating the adoption of clean technology for all and carries this philosophy in all that she does. She believes wholeheartedly in supporting business and tech opportunities in the Hispanic community and knows that entrepreneurship is one of the key ways of fostering financial independence and advancements for minority communities. 

Raven’s expertise in the business and lifestyle space have allowed her to speak at various events, panels, and conferences about topics ranging from entrepreneurship, women in business, sustainability, mobility business models and philanthropy. She has been featured in various high tier publications and outlets including The Today Show, The Guardian, Forbes, Business Insider, NPR, Marie Claire, FOX 7 Austin and News 4 Nashville to name a select few. She continues to utilize her platform to advocate for young women in business and advance the opportunities for Latino communities worldwide.


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