460. Sarah Juree – How a Teacher Took Back Her Power After Being Fired for Her Side Hustle

Sarah Juree, 40, is a teacher, mama of twins, and digital content creator for Onlyfans. She moved from Arizona to Indiana at age 9 and remains a Hoosier. After her 13 year marriage ended, she found herself a single mom living in a poverty cycle as a teacher. She worked many side jobs including: teeth whitening, sublimation business, nutrition and exercise coaching, and reading tutoring. Despite her best efforts, her hard work failed to get her out of the poverty cycle. A local friend was mentoring women on how to create content for Onlyfans as an income stream. She created an account and ultimately lost her teaching job, but now has a platform to discuss sacred sexuality and how onlyfans empowers women. She is breaking generational cycles of drug abuse, domestic abuse, obesity and poverty for herself and her children. She is manifesting her most beautiful self by reclaiming her body and sexual energy and empowering women to do the same. She is blessed and unstoppable.


Intro Music by Wordsmith: http://www.wordsmithmusic.com

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