406. Tal Zlotnisky – The Importance of Curiosity to Relational Wellbeing and the Our.Love App

414. LaJune Singleton – Every Client Is Not an Ideal Client and The Role of Grief in Health and Wellness Dr. D’s Social Network

A Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindset Strategist, Nutritional Lifestyle Coach, the author of  “Releasing My Trauma: The Root of Self-Sabotage”, Podcaster, Cycling Instructor, and Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience working with busy career & retiree women, in the areas of obesity, fitness, chronic illnesses, mindset, nutrition, wellness, mental/physical health, and injury recovery. lajunesingleton.com   Instagram.com/iamlajunesingleton   Facebook.com/lajunesingleton   Linkedin.com/lajunesingleton   https://youtube.com/lajunesingleton — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/drdarianparker/message
  1. 414. LaJune Singleton – Every Client Is Not an Ideal Client and The Role of Grief in Health and Wellness
  2. 413. Aubrie – That Pesky Prostitute
  3. Arbiters of Bad Taste w/ Simon Milliman and Darian Parker – Review of "Wind River"
  4. 412. Dr. Kristen Eccleston – The Mental Health of Children and How Parents Play a Big Role
  5. 411. Dr. Tara S. – How Much Sex Americans Are Actually Having and How to Be a Better Sex Communicator

Tal Zlotnitsky has started and led companies as CEO since he was 19 years old. Over a career of nearly 30 years, he has learned nearly all the lessons of leadership first hand, including what not to do. He decided to resign as CEO of his last successful startup, iControl Data, to start Our.Love Company, motivated by his own failures at love, Covid-19’s siren call to a more meaningful life, and a desire to apply his leadership experience to a mission he felt more passionate about than anything he’d ever set out to do.

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