332. Molly Patrick – Clean Food Dirty Girl

Molly Patrick is the co-founder and CEO of Clean Food Dirty Girl, a company dedicated to helping people eat more plants while celebrating human imperfection. Through her honest, candid, and inclusive approach, Molly and her team have built a thriving business and global community. Before she was a successful entrepreneur, she was a champion drinker and smoker. So much so that her drinking and smoking privileges had to be revoked. Molly grew up in New Mexico, on 5 acres of land. Her parents hand built their home out of mud, straw, and rocks. While her parents were building their house, they lived in a Teepee on the land and made do without electricity, indoor plumbing, or hot water. Molly’s rugged and unconventional upbringing made her innovative, appreciative, determined, and always humble. She has never eaten meat in her life.

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