310. Bunny Young – Serial Entrepreneur, Business Therapist, Virtual Speaker, & Retreat Facilitator

Bunny Young, MA, LPC is the founder of a Better Place Consulting. After recognizing the dissatisfaction in organizations and employees to help professionals make the most of their business and personal life, Bunny has made it her business to DEFY negative trends and help people and businesses turn that around. Her approach has empowered cultures of organizations nationwide, resulting in improved revenue, productivity, morale, employee retention and quality of life. Bunny is able to quickly connect with people, open their minds to possibilities, help them uncover their purpose, and develop plans and goals. She is brutally direct with an amazingly big heart. She is also a proud Army wife, mother of two beautiful and spunky daughters, has an incredible service dog, several fur babies, a non-profit for service dogs and a retired stuntwoman. Whether giving a keynote, hosting a workshop, or facilitating her specialty equine professional development retreats, she brings passion to every aspect of her world.

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