294. Shawn Walchef – Its Bigger than BBQ and Quotes from the Great Philosopher…Winnie The Pooh

Over the last twelve years Shawn Walchef’s restaurant and media business has generated over twenty five million dollars in sales in San Diego, California without ever adding another single location. His greatest location curse became his greatest location gift as it forced him and his team to focus on all things digital just to stay in business. Now during COVID19 his team has developed a plan to scale with a new model that is three times more profitable than the traditional full service restaurant model.

He is currently working on a plan to repurpose 60% of his dining room into a commissary kitchen to service the additional ghost kitchen he plans to add over the next three years. In February of 2021 they launched their first “friendly ghost kitchen” location in downtown San Diego. Shawn has appeared on Amazon Prime TV, Bloomberg TV, Entreprenuer Magazine, Inc. Magazine and various other national restaurant publications. Host of the award winning Digital Hospitality weekly video podcast, Shawn is always eager to help other entrepreneurs all over the globe learn the tools and digital storytelling strategies that unlock endless opportunities for new business. 

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