516. Alexis League – Unlocking the Potential of Cannabinoids and Psychedelics in HIV Treatment and Beyond

Watch the Video on Zencastr: https://zencastr.com/z/XTxDZVBN

With a background in experimental psychology and behavioral neuroscience, Dr. Alexis League is passionate about developing innovative solutions to improve wellbeing. Her previous work characterized the therapeutic potential of novel cannabinoids in treating neuroinflammatory effects of HIV-1. Currently, she’s focused on psychedelic approaches to enhance sexual wellness and intimacy.

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Time Stamps:

(0:00:02) – Cannabinoid Strategies for HIV Treatment

(0:08:57) – Psychedelic and Cannabis Research

(0:21:00) – Improving Medicine and Treatment Messages

(0:33:54) – Interpersonal Experiences and Their Impact

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