510. Ifetayo Harvey – Healing, Laughter, and Psychedelics: A Journey Through Personal Growth and Social Justice

Ifetayo Harvey is the founder of the People of Color Psychedelic Collective (POCPC). The POCPC educates and builds community with people of color interested in psychedelics and ending the war on drugs. Recently, Open Society Foundations named Ifetayo a 2022 Soros Justice Fellow.

Ifetayo’s experience growing up with her father in prison brought her to drug policy reform work in 2013 as an intern at the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA). Ifetayo was the opening plenary speaker at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver, Colorado, in 2013. In 2016, Ifetayo joined DPA as a full-time employee.

While at DPA, Ifetayo curated the psychedelic track for the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in 2019 and co-created the LGBTQ+ working group and Pride Month campaign. She penned the piece “Why the Psychedelic Community Is So White” for Psympsia Magazine in 2016.



Intro music by Wordsmith: http://www.wordsmithmusic.com

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(0:00:02) – Exploring Black Experiences in Psychedelic Research

(0:12:08) – Psychedelic Access and Well-Being

(0:27:38) – Acceptance of Difference

(0:33:54) – Psychedelic Drugs, Stigmas

(0:47:34) – The Pleasure of Choice in Life

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