Arbiters of Bad Taste – Movie Review “Condorman” and What Would Jesus Actually Do?

Simon and Darian discuss the movie “Condorman.” Darian did not like the movie at all, but Simon really liked it. The guys discuss why a movie becomes re-watchable and they ask what would Jesus actually do?

Arbiters of Bad Taste is a bi-weekly movie review segment with professional musician, Simon Milliman and fitness professional, Darian Parker. Basically, Simon and Darian use movies as a cover to talk about deep and substantive real life issues.

Intro Music by Wordsmith:

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Time Stamps:

(0:00:03) – Discussing the Ridiculousness of Condorman

(0:08:45) – Movies & Imagination

(0:21:18) – The Legacy of Condorman

(0:31:07) – Movie Casting Pros/Cons

(0:47:00) – The Hypocrisy of Nitpicking the Bible

(0:54:36) – Rejecting Religious Power Over Government

(1:04:03) – Poverty of Jesus and Tyranny

(1:11:50) – Questioning Faith and Loving Your Neighbor

(1:23:20) – Accepting Blame and Appreciating Friendship

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