497. Brian Patacca – Navigating Creative Pursuits Without Suffering

20,000 creative people get Brian’s newsletter delivered to their inboxes every single week – and when they’re not reading along, they’re listening to his podcast, Brian Breaks Character. The podcast ranks among the top 1% of most listened to podcasts in the world with 5,000 downloads every month and 270+ 5-star reviews. 

Brian is the CEO of Team BKP and for the past two decades he’s been helping creatives get what they want without all the suffering. His sweet spot is helping people who proudly walk the path LEAST taken with down-&-dirty marketing and branding advice, all while spilling the tea on how to bring home the bacon (or seitan… He does live in LA after all). 

But his secret superpower is his spiritual and grounding approach to the bizniz rooted in his training as a non-denominational reverend (read: Universe, God, Buddha, et al). He proves that when you follow your purpose instead of playing by a tired set of industry rules (read: limiting beliefs), you can skip the drama, generate momentum, and build excitement around who you are and what you love to do the most-est. 

Not only does he promise the how-to’s, he has zero doubt that creativity is your divine birthright.


www.BrianPatacca.com (Broader Focus – under construction & currently redirects to the podcast)

www.BrianBreaksCharacter.com (Brian Breaks Character Podcast)

www.MakeAgentsWantYou.com (Free Training – Entertainment Focus)*

www.SuperSneakyAuditions.com (Free Download – Actor Focus)*

INSTAGRAM @BrianSaysThat 




Intro Music by Wordsmith: http://www.wordsmithmusic.com

(0:00:02) – Navigating Creative Pursuits Without Suffering

(0:11:04) – Asking for Help

(0:16:11) – The Pain of Terminal Uniqueness

(0:20:51) – The Power of Vulnerability in Business

(0:27:24) – Focusing on Your Goals Without Suffering

(0:38:30) – The Impact of Self on Others

(0:43:04) – Walking Through Your Mind

(0:47:44) – Embracing Faith and Change in Life

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