Ep. 5 For the Lust of God – The Aftermath

This is the story of Olivia, Serena and Heather. Three women who were born into The Children of God Cult. What happens when you get out of a cult? How do you live in an alien world?


Dr. Darian Parker

Dr. Darian Parker (doctordarianparker.com)

Main Audio Contributors:

Olivia MacDonell


Serena Kelly


Instagram and FB @serkelley

Heather Hudson

Music Credits: 

Jim Hall – Hope Is Not Lost (freemusicarchive.org)

Chad Crouch – Systems (freemusicarchive.org)

Kirk Osomayo – Dwelling in the Vastness of Life (freemusicarchive.org)

Creative Commons Credit:

Title: “Children and Cults”

Author: ATTN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDusR4GepNY

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License: CC

Creative Commons Credit:

Title: “How Do Cults Trap People”

Author: ATTN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRO8RAkZYr4

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Title: “Fear is the Master…Bahgwan Rajneesh Cult”

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Title: “Charles Manson I’m an Outlaw”

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License: CC

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