490. Katie Bramlett – How WeShape Helps to Stop the Toxic Expectations of Women in the Fitness Industry

In this episode Katie and I discuss how no technology will replace understanding your intentions for being physically active, questioning your fitness belief systems and creating sustainable approaches to your health and wellness.

Katie Bramlett started WeShape with the intention of advocating for women to stop focusing on the number on the scale and instead put their energy and efforts towards a more meaningful intention such as movement, rest, and a deeper connection with self. Her entire company and product is rooted in intention, movement, community, and beliefs. Katie has a passion for bringing awareness to the toxic expectations placed on women in the fitness industry, as well as the often overshadowed, yet pivotal roles women play in business and entrepreneurship. Katie’s goal is to create awareness through meaningful conversation and curiosity so that women can gain the support of men rather than gaining dominance. “It’s all about leveling the playing field, not about overly shifting the power in the other direction.” ~Katie

Katie’s Links:

WeShape – YouTube


Katie Bramlett | LinkedIn

WeShape Wellness (@weshape.wellness) • Instagram photos and videos

WeShape (@weshape) | TikTok

WeShape | Facebook

Intro music by Wordsmith: http://www.wordsmithmusic.com

Time Stamps:

(0:00:02) – Unfulfillment in Fitness Industry

(0:09:29) – Foster Sustainable Well-Being

(0:22:37) – Movement and Eating Intention

(0:32:45) – Internal Connection Over External

(0:42:30) – Breaking Away From Limiting Beliefs

(0:47:08) – Exploring Inner Wisdom for Wellness

(0:53:45) – Exploring Movement, Wellness, and Community

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