Arbiters of Bad Taste – God, Aliens and Something in Between

Simon and Darian discuss the topic of God, Aliens, Spirituality and everything in between.

Arbiters of Bad Taste is a bi-weekly movie review segment with professional musician, Simon Milliman and fitness professional, Darian Parker. Basically Simon and Darian use movies as a cover to talk about deep and substantive real life issues.

Intro Music by Wordsmith:

Time Stamps:

0:00:02 – The Art of Creating a Persona

0:16:43 – Exploring Possibilities in an Infinite Universe

0:31:34 – Exploring Humanity and Divinity

0:45:08 – Science and Spirituality

1:01:47 – Questioning Religion

1:07:54 – Love Without Exceptions

1:20:32 – A Friendship to Treasure

The best way to listen to this podcast is by using the Fathom app. Fathom is the podcast player from the future. Navigate my episodes using chapters, highlights and transcripts. Download it in the app store.

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