486. Maija Russell – Discovering The Power of Self-Love: Exploring Universal Trauma and Consciousness-Raising In The Age Of The Internet

In this episode, Maija and I discuss her You Are Beautiful journal, universal trauma and all the ways we see and present ourselves.

Creator, uplifter, and world traveler, Maija specializes in bringing confidence to all who surround her. A student of self-improvement since age 10, Maija has compiled the most effective tricks she’s learned over the last 24 years to create lasting and authentic happiness. With Appreciate U she is helping people recognize themselves as the powerful masterpiece they are.


You Are Beautiful. A Prompt Journal for Building Confidence and Self-Worth:

Mood Boost:

Intro Music By Wordsmith: https://wordsmithmusic.com/

Time Stamps:

Time Stamps:

0:00:02 You Are Beautiful

0:02:45 Pressure to Please Society

0:04:17 Global Trauma and its Impact on Consciousness

0:07:45 Exploring the Impact of the Internet on Universal Trauma

0:09:42 Impact of Video Sharing and Self-Love

0:11:53 Self-Care and Self-Love

0:18:47 Religion, Beauty, and Capitalism in the Modern World

0:24:06 Value of Investing in Yourself

0:27:12 Money and Personal Growth”

0:28:46 Self-Improvement and Vulnerability

0:36:41 Fitness, Relationships, and the Law of Attraction

0:38:35 Authenticity and Beauty

0:42:10 Perception and Intention in Interpersonal Relationships

0:44:22 Vibrational Frequency and Attraction: Understanding the Law of Attraction

0:45:57 Self-Awareness and Fulfilling One’s Purpose

0:47:58 Reflection on Failed App Pitch and Successful Book Release

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