Ep. 1 For the Lust of God – Origins

This is the story of Olivia, Serena and Heather. Three women who were born into The Children of God Cult. What is this cult and how did it begin? Listen as each lady describes the origins of the Children of God. 


Dr. Darian Parker (doctordarianparker.com)

Main Audio Contributors:

Olivia MacDonell


Serena Kelly


Instagram and FB @serkelley

Heather Hudson

Music Credits: 

Jim Hall – Last Breath (freemusicarchive.org)

Jim Hall – Hope Is Not Lost (freemusicarchive.org)

Kirk Osomayo – Fall Away (freemusicarchive.org)

Maarten Schellekens – Tuesday Night (freemusicarchive.org)

Pan – Normal (freemusicarchive.org)

Anemoia – Ripples (freemusicharive.org)

Jim Hall – Elsewhere (freemusicarchive.org)

Creative Commons Credit:

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License: CC

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