Ep. 2: Yoga Plus – Exploring the Power of Music in Your Yoga Practice and Consistency in Content

In this episode Suzie and Darian focus on Yoga and how music plays such an important role in crafting a great yoga practice. They also discuss consistency in creating content and shrugging off the naysayers online.

Yoga Plus is a monthly show hosted by Yoga Influencer, Suzie Ray and Fitness Professional/Executive, Dr. Darian Parker. In each episode Suzie and Darian discuss everything Yoga and then some.

Suzie Ray is Yoga Influencer and advocate for inspiring women to be comfortable in their skin and embrace who they are, and how they want to express themselves.

Intro music by Wordsmith: http://www.wordsmithmusic.com

Time Stamps

0:00:02 Music and Yoga

0:02:07 Music Genres and Vinyl Collection

0:04:03 Exploring Music Influences

0:05:51 Neo Soul Music Recommendation

0:07:32 Incorporating Neo-Soul Hip Hop into Yoga Practice

0:12:51 Exploring Music Options for YouTube Series

0:14:47 Collaborating with an Artist on Doing Yoga to Their Album

0:16:52 Protecting Creative Ideas and Staying Authentic

0:19:31 Embracing YouTube Content and Long-Term Ideas

0:21:25 Exploring YouTube Content Creation: Reflections on Growing a Channel and Overcoming Creative Challenges

0:24:18 Reflections on Content Creation and Social Media in the Digital Age

0:26:25 Pros and Cons of Growing an Online Following

0:29:09 Reflections on Social Media Use in Later Life

0:30:52 Social Media Platforms and Collaborations in the Yoga Community

0:36:49 YouTube and Instagram Content Creation

0:38:53 The Challenges of Monetizing Content on Social Media

0:40:40 Dealing with Unwarranted Criticism on Social Media

0:42:16 Influencing and Being Honest in the Digital Age

0:44:16 Dealing with Online Haters as an Influencer

The best way to listen to this podcast is by using the Fathom app. Fathom is the podcast player from the future. Navigate my episodes using chapters, highlights and transcripts. Download it in the app store.

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