484. Erica Rascon – Examining The Lack of Black Yoga Instructors and How Yoga Went from a Lifestyle to a Business

In this episode I talked to Yoga Instructor, Erica Rascon. We traverse the very important topic of the lack of Yoga instructors who are people of color, the relationship between religion and Yoga and how Yoga became a business and why that is both a good and difficult thing.

Erica Rascon is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She specializes in yoga for mental health, particularly for mothers and women of color.


Intro Theme Music by Wordsmith: https://wordsmithmusic.com/

Time Stamps

0:00:01 Erica on the Origins of Her Yoga Practice

0:01:57 Exploring the Relationship Between Religion and Yoga

0:05:57 Intentional Exclusion of People of Color in Yoga Spaces

0:10:08 Exploring the Balance Between Representing Yourself Authentically and Reaching People Through Social Media

0:14:51 The Challenges of Being an Influencer in the Yoga Community

0:16:30 The Challenges of Turning Yoga into a Business

0:18:54 The Impact of Online Yoga on the Business of Yoga

0:20:36 Exploring the Pros and Cons of Teaching Yoga Online

0:24:40 Discussion on Yoga Teacher Certification Requirements

0:26:26 Discussion on Professionalizing Fitness: Balancing Aesthetics and Knowledge

0:29:52 Conversation on Uniting Fitness and Education for Quality Assurance

0:31:53 Exploring the Relationship Between Yoga and Fitness

0:33:15 Exploring the Limitations of Yoga Asana and the Benefits of Cross-Training for Optimal Health

0:37:19 Conversation on Hybrid Yoga Classes and the Potential for Guru Mentality

0:40:59 Conversation on Authenticity and Connecting with Followers

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