483. Swati Sharma – Overcoming Cultural Conformity Barriers to Psychedelic Practices

In this episode Swati and I talk about cultural conformity and how that affects going outside of the norm in plant medicine, being open about our psychedelic experiences and being more visible in the psychedelic space.

Swati Sharma is a media professional and podcast host based in Mexico City. Originally from Toronto, Swati has spent the last few years working in the psychedelics industry. Her media and communications agency Swati Sharma CO. helps thought leaders and creatives in psychedelics and wellness build their brands and increase their visibility online.

With over 6 years of experience in digital media, marketing, education, and broadcast radio, Swati brings a diverse repertoire of skills to the psychedelic space. As the former Executive Director of Psychedelic Spotlight, she has spent much of her time chatting with psychedelic thought leaders. Here, she helped grow the publication to become one of the most well-respected voices in psychedelics. Her passion lies in creating greater awareness about social justice-oriented issues such as indigenous reciprocity and making psychedelic therapy more accessible for people of colour. She has been featured by Psychedelics Today, Third Wave, Microdose Insights, and more.



Intro Music by Wordsmith: http://www.wordsmithmusic.com

Time Stamp

00:03:04 Growing up in an Indian family and cultural conformity

00:11:44 Psychedelics becoming mainstream.

00:19:09 Psychedelics can be an enlightening experience

00:30:06 Dosing and Integration

00:33:07 Embracing the unknown

00:41:03 Psychedelics can transform lives and telling your story

00:47:50 Diverse representation is key in the psychedelic space

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