458. Lauren Nychay – From Dispelling Psychedelic Stigmas to Heartfelt Inspiration at Phish Concerts

Lauren is an integrative wellness practitioner, cellular biologist, medical cannabis educator, psychedelics expert, and future women’s health physician. She is also the founder of Transcendence Consulting, providing a wide range of services. Whether you need operations guidance with your psychedelic business, or were recently diagnosed with a condition that would benefit from the use of cannabis and science-backed supplementation, she has you covered. She started working in the Colorado medical cannabis space in 2016, paving the way for her crossover into psychedelics. With her clinical knowledge through treating patients of varying acuity, business knowledge through building psychedelic clinics, and science foundation through research with human cytokine cells, she brings a unique perspective in the ever-evolving “psychedelic revolution”. With a passion to help the most underserved populations, her focus is on creating integrative mental health clinics that make psychedelic treatments available to more than just the elite who want to trip.


Intro Theme Music by Wordsmith: https://wordsmithmusic.com/

Links from the Show:


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