452. Carson McKenna – Broke Babe In a Basement, The Desire for Male Validation and Living With a Squatting Stripper

Carson has known she was a writer since she was little, though at various points in her life it was an inconvenient truth. In her twenties, she tried a bunch of different jobs (chiefly in sales, though she did have a gig as an office assistant that resulted in her untimely firing). She has lived most of her life in New York, apart from her 24th year, which was spent in southeastern France. She retains a decent command of French (“near-native fluency” according to her LinkedIn), which is threaded throughout “Misercordias.”

Her book of essays, “Broke Babe in a Basement” is a memoir about her life as a starving artist in Brooklyn. While writing her first novel, she lived in a basement in Bushwick with a charming squatter. The book spotlights desperation, addiction, optimism, odd jobs, and trying to follow one’s North Star when everyone else is getting engaged. It’s a must read for anyone who’s survived year 29.

Intro Theme Music by Wordsmith: https://wordsmithmusic.com/

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