450. Denise Garrett – Being the Only Female Firefighter in her Area and The Need for Therapy in Trauma Exposed Professions

Denise Garrett is an expert at giving people the proven strategies, tools, encouragement, and support they need to overcome the “if onlys” in life so they achieve their dreams and enjoy their best life.

As a former firefighter, she knows what it’s like to fight fires and deal with tragedies – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As her county’s 1st and only female firefighter during her years of service, Denise knows what it takes to be heard in a world where she was pulled in a million different directions and bombarded by stress at every turn.

And, she knows what it takes to thrive in spite of stress and pain.

After leaving the Fire Service, Denise went on to become a therapist later switching to a coaching model that serves her clients better.

Her combined experience from her own school of hard knocks, as a firefighter & therapist/coach led her to develop the Made to Thrive System.

When not sharing her Made to Thrive System with people, Denise enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dogs.

She also enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, golfing, and adventure racing.


Intro Theme Song by Wordsmith: https://wordsmithmusic.com/

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