449. Lee Jagger – How Erectile Dysfunction Affects Relationships, Avoiding Obligatory Sex and Overcoming Your Libido

503. Jessika Lagarde -Exploring the Psychedelic Landscape: Benefits, Controversies, and the Path to Regulation Dr. D’s Social Network

Jessika Lagarde is a psychedelic-assisted medicine facilitator, integration coach, Women On Psychedelics co-founder, and educator in the psychedelic space. Since 2020, she has been behind WOOP's content production, where her passions for storytelling, women's empowerment, and psychoactive substances converge. Jess' personal healing work with psychedelics has made her more aware of the crisis of disconnection humanity is in. She believes in serving the Earth and our human collective through her work, by mobilizing inner healing towards outer action.www.jessikalagarde.comwww.womenonpsychedelics.orgwww.instagram.com/womenonpsychedelicsIntro music by Wordsmith: http://www.wordsmithmusic.comThank you for supporting my affiliates:Are you ready to feel more energized, focused and supported? Go to https://zen.ai/drdssocialnetwork and add nourishing, plant based foods to fuel you from sunrise to sunset. Use the promo code DOCTORD at checkout to save 15% off your purchase today! Podium is your tool for AI generated show notes, chapters, clips, transcripts, and more. Try it out today and get 3 free hours. Use this Link to get 50% off your first month. Go to RockTheBedroom.com to get the free training. If you like that, you’ll LOVE the monthly membership. Use DARIAN10 at checkout to get 10% off your first month.To explore intimate audio experiences that help you have more pleasure and excitement, go to BLOOM Stories and use the code DOCTORD for 50% on an annual premium membership OR 20% on a monthly premium membership to BLOOM.Honey Pot CBD Lube and Romantic Escapades Massage Oil (I'm a huge fan of these!) Click HERE and use the code DOCTORD20 to get 20% off your purchase.The best way to listen to this podcast is by using the Fathom app. Fathom is the podcast player from the future. Navigate my episodes using chapters, highlights and transcripts. Download it in the app store.Time Stamps:(0:00:03) – Exploring Psychedelic Drugs(0:05:18) – Psychedelic Use Controversy(0:16:40) – Psychedelic Treatment Risks/Benefits(0:27:10) – Psychedelic Facilitation Mentorship(0:34:43) – The Perils of Psychedelic Use(0:43:46) – Exploring the Complexities of Psychedelic RegulationSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/dr-ds-social-network/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy
  1. 503. Jessika Lagarde -Exploring the Psychedelic Landscape: Benefits, Controversies, and the Path to Regulation
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  3. Ep. 3 Owning Your Shit – Nothing is Alright
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Lee Jagger is a Sexpert and Founder of Rock The Bedroom, where she has helped thousands of women claim their confidence and creativity in the bedroom using her signature erotic massage techniques.

After going from Sex Worker to Sexpert, Lee has made it her mission to normalize conversations around sexuality and make obligatory sex become a thing of the past. Her “hands-on” experience with over 2,000 male clients has helped her to understand what really drives men wild–and it’s not what most women think.

Author of the upcoming book, Rock The Bedroom, 5 Steps to Feeling Free & Sexually Empowered, Lee is bringing this taboo topic to light and helping women everywhere add more spice to their relationships.

After going viral on TikTok, Lee now has over 1.2 million TikTok followers with a total of 58.2 million views, and her most viewed video has been watched over 29.6 million times.

Lee’s Links:






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