Arbiters of Bad Taste – Why Kindergarten Cop is One of Arnold’s Best Movies, A Masterclass of Bill Murray Movies and Analyzing Mono-Thinking Culture

Ep 8. Decoding Diet Culture – Nurturing Body Respect Dr. D’s Social Network

We live in a world of comparison shopping, especially when it comes to our own self and body images. Words have power and the words we use to speak to ourselves about our bodies and physical appearance can either support body respect or erode it. Find out how to nurture a healthy relationship with your body in this episode.Audio Credits:Dr. Erin Nitschke (Main Speaker)email: erinmd03@gmail.comIG: @nitschkeerinLinkedin: Dr. Darian Parker (Intro) Jen Harris (Intro) Producer:Dr. Darian Parker Photo Credit (Podcast Thumbnail Pic)Thought Catalog ( Music Credits:AWOL – Food ( – Hangloose ( Rags – Wonder Under ( Creative Commons Credit:Title: "CaloMetric Weight Loss Pills Commercial 1954”Author: CaloMetric Fanatic CCSupport this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
  1. Ep 8. Decoding Diet Culture – Nurturing Body Respect
  2. 448. Amanda Presgraves – Cooking For Yourself As An Act of Resistance Against Quick Food Culture
  3. 447. Nicolle Bonneville – Sarah & Nicole Have a Homance, Wild Dating Stories, Thirsty Exes and More!
  4. Ep. 7 Decoding Diet Culture – Non-Scale Ways to Measure Progress
  5. 446. Sometimes Your Best Isn't Good Enough

Simon and Darian start out talking about the whacky and weird nature of Christian Nationalism and overall extremism and then delve into a collage of movie reviews to include Kindergarten Cop, Groundhog Day and Thor Love and Thunder. Which one did Darian turn off early because it was so bad? And what does Simon think about his own intelligence? All this in more in this episode of Arbiters of Bad Taste. Press Play!

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