431. Kathlyn and Melissa – Connecting the Dots for Fitness and Health

Kathlyn Carney is an author, podcast host, Nutrition Education student at American University, and Director of Marketing for a small business. After graduating from American University in August 2022, Kathlyn plans to pursue a career in health coaching. Kathlyn published her first book, We Can’t Change What We Don’t Know – How I Started to Think of Food as Medicine, in 2019 after seeing consequences of unhealthy diets and lifestyles in her personal and professional life. She then released season 1 of her podcast, Connecting the Dots, in January of 2022, which explores many of the different ways that we can achieve health and wellness in our Western society. Kathlyn studied broadcast journalism and psychology at University of Maryland, College Park, and earned a Master’s in Education at Southern Methodist University while serving as a Teach for America corps member in Dallas. She views herself as a continuous learner and plans to keep exploring optimal health practices. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, trying new restaurants with friends and family, and traveling.

Social Media:

Instagram & TikTok: @kathlyncarneywellness

Twitter: @kcarneywellness



Melissa Chammas is a podcast host, certified yoga instructor, Reiki 1 practitioner, and to pay the bills, she works at a bank as a VP in third party risk management. Melissa graduated from the University of Maryland in 2017 with a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Business. Throughout her life, she struggled with healing from injuries and multiple allergies, which only got worse as she got older. Melissa found yoga to help her heal from her injuries, but learned the benefits far exceeded the physical aspects, so after college she became a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and taught for over a year. As Melissa continued on her healing journey, she found holistic health to be most effective for treating her allergies and healing her gut. She hopes to share her knowledge and experience with others through co-hosting Season 2 of the podcast, Connecting the Dots. 

Social Media:

Instagram: @melissachammas

TikTok: @thelazyyogi

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