Ep 3. The Frontline of Fitness – Healthcare Policy

If the fitness industry is truly to become part of the healthcare delivery system, an understanding of the healthcare policy ecosystem is essential. Our industry did not think of public policy and legislation prior to the pandemic, but this period of time has put into stark relief the importance of doing so. This discussion will provide an understandable “look under the hood” of the current healthcare landscape and policy decisions that will drive a change towards value-based care. Understanding this shift in national healthcare policy will be critical as the fitness industry shifts towards becoming a legitimate stakeholder in the healthcare delivery system.

Main Audio Narrators:

Michael Stack, Host of the Wellness Paradox Podcast



Dr. Darian Parker, Host of Dr. D’s Social Network Podcast


Additional Audio Contributor Credits:

Liz Clark 



Francis Neric 



Music Credits:

HoliznaCC0 – Life Is A Poem And You Are My Friend (Freeemusicarchive.org)

Six Umbrellas – Longest Summer (Freemusicarchive.org)

Six Umbrellas – Rally (Freemusicarchive.org)

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