420. Leslie Goyette & Michele Englehart – How Two First Time Female Filmmakers Made a Feature Film on a Tiny Budget

Leslie Goyette: 

Maysville is Leslie’s directorial debut. She has always been a storyteller from an early age from acting, to directing to writing. She enjoys all aspects of bringing a story to life. Leslie has spent the last 7 years on many sets with her children who were both child actors. She is excited to bring this story to the big screen and currently has four more screenplays under construction. 

Michele Englehart: 

Michele has spent the last 20 years in management fields in different aspects of her life. She was a Project Manager in Information Technology for 10 years and then decided to take those skills and manage three actor careers…who happen to be her children! These opportunities have given Michele over a thousand hours spent on production sets including DREAMWORKS, SYFY/NBC, Netflix and Disney. She has a strong presence on the Indy Film scene, and this experience has given her the knowledge needed to produce projects on a micro budget, to fully funded projects backed by large studios. 





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