Arbiters of Bad Taste – Review of The Three Fugitives and Would You Want to Meet Your Parallel Universe Self?

Simon and Darian are back to review the movie, The Three Fugitives, starring Nick Nolte and Martin Short. Darian can’t believe he never saw this movie in the 80’s and Simon believes that no one would make a movie like this anymore. Listen to the guys talk about the movie and the funny turn it takes when each guy answers if they would be open to meeting different versions of themselves in other dimensions/universes.

Movie Description: Lucas (Nick Nolte) is a former bank robber who, after prison time, has given up his unlawful ways. One day, inexperienced criminal Ned Perry (Martin Short) holds up the bank Lucas is visiting. Ned is in desperate need of money; his wife died several years earlier, and his mute daughter, Meg (Sarah Rowland Doroff), requires specialized education. Ned holds Lucas hostage. But, when a detective (Alan Ruck) mistakenly thinks Lucas is in on the job, things take an unexpected turn.

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