416. Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci – How the Global Pandemic Uncovered a Nursing Home Industry in Need of Repair

Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci is one of the foremost authorities on infection prevention and control in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. She is a frequent contributor and interview source for national and trade press concerning infection prevention and control and mitigation. With more than 20 years of healthcare and public health experience, Dr. Lloyd-Krejci’s data-driven approach is hands-on and collaborative. Using her experience with more than 700 healthcare facilities across the United States she works tirelessly to combat the estimated one to three million infections leading to more than 380,000 deaths every year in the nursing home industry. She has worked with the CDC, Doctors Without Borders, and other organizations on infection control studies and research such as the Arizona Emergency Preparedness Infection Control(EPIC) grant, the Institute of Health (IHI) and, Project ECHO, a hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing network to support Nursing Home leadership during COVID-19.

IPCWell.com doctorbuffy.com

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