415. How Do We Change the Child Welfare System? Collective Connection w/ Jess Hoeper

Jess Hoeper, personally is a mother of five kids and resides with her husband and kids in central Minnesota.  Professionally, Jess is a licensed independent social worker with over 15yrs of human service experience; specializing in child welfare.  Jess’s passion is curating curiosity and spending time in wonder, she does this through her Reflective Coaching.  Jess runs her own human service consulting/training company, Ray of HOPE, LLC, offering Reflective Coaching to human service leaders and professionals nationally.  Jess has recently added internationally best-selling author to her tagline, she co-authored the books “Where Social Work Can Lead You” and “Success Codes: Secrets To Success You Weren’t Taught In School.” Contact info 

Email: jesshoeper@live.com   

Website: http://www.rayofhopereflectivecoaching.com  

Instagram: @reflective_coaching 

Facebook: Ray of HOPE @jrhoeper

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