388. Dr. J. Calvin Tibbs – Run Laps, Get Strong: Do Discipleship Differently

J. Calvin Tibbs is the Pastor of Kingdom Dominion Church (KDC) in Villa Rica,
GA, the Relationship Doctor to multiple clients, and adviser to multiple boards.

An author of five (5) books, the latest is called Run LAPS, Get Strong: Do
Discipleship Differently. This work is designed to help Christian leaders and
believers fulfill Jesus 4 Big Commands: Go, Teach, Make & Baptize. Tibbs is a
husband of 38 years to college sweetheart Kimberly, is a father of three (3) grown children and grandfather of 2 girls.

Tibbs holds an earned Doctorate in Ministry from South University with
a concentration on Integrating Millennials at Church (IMAC). A native of Hampton, Virginia, Tibbs received a B.A. in Broadcast Management from Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia and was honorably discharged from the United States Army with the rank of Captain.

Dr. Tibbs is ordained through the International Congress of Churches and Ministries (ICCM), is a Certified as a Purpose Development Coach, Certified Leadership Coach, and Certified Diversity Equity and Inclusion Specialist through the Purpose Development Institute (PDI).

The ministry reaches the global communities through audio, video and print media, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and restoring confidence to the battered.
The vision and purpose of this ministry is to strengthen the saved and love on the lost, to empower Christian leaders and believers in no less than 85 West Georgia cities and 2,000 churches world-wide.
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