376. Shaun Banks – The Motivation, Education and Development Of Our Youth

Shaun SF. Banks has been involved in the youth development industry for over 20 years. he’s a captivating, humorous, and passionate communicator. Shaun excels at motivating and developing youths to go after their dreams. Shaun educates families on effective ways to support their youth and give them an edge in life. In 2007, Shaun opened the I AM Defense institute against profound disinterest in working with children. Since that time, SF. has developed a passion for creating personal development systems for youth. Shaun is the creator of Camp Warrior King, which helps thousands of youth gain exposure to amazingly fun activities, “You Can Have IT ALL!” Youth conferences, “You Can Have It ALL!” Youth motivational Development Magazine, The Team Hott SAWCE development characters, and other development tools for children. Shaun has also authored 3 books on the personal development topic. One of SF.’s big passions is the “You Can Have IT All!” orphanage in Bombo, Uganda, where we currently support over 30 children with shelter, food, and school supplies. IG: @sfdreamsbig

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