375. Ashley Marcinek – Discomfort in Grief, Transformational Coaching and Self Care vs. Service

Ashley is a certified transformational coach who helps people free themselves from the limitations created in their minds to support their mental wellness, to reconnect with their authentic self, and to go after what they want in life. She believes that through deep, collaborative conversation, re-writing the limiting stories we tell ourselves, and taking action, that we can create powerful changes in our lives.  Ashley was born and raised in Canada, but moved to London, England in 2018 to pursue a career opportunity and travel around Europe and the UK. She discovered coaching on a personal level initially, and through her own transformation she realized that she had found her true passion. Most of Ashley’s coaching sessions are online, so she is able to work with people from around the world. 

Connect with Ashley through her website: http://www.ashleymarcinek.com and on Instagram through @ashleymarcinek.coaching

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