359. The Unstoppable You, Trust vs. Certainty and The Value of Practice

Amy Schadt is a women’s empowerment coach and speaker who reconnects women with their passions, helps them break free from the stories that are keeping them stuck, and awakens their confidence so they can live an unstoppable life.

Amy began her career as a dance educator and artist, spending two decades performing professionally and educating dancers. But after the sudden and untimely death of her fiancé in 2011, she had to reach deep to rekindle her sense of meaning in life. She set out to create a new professional identity and returned to school in 2012 where she received her Bachelor’s of Arts in 2015 followed by her coaching certification in 2017. With over 20 years experience in education, Amy’s ability to help others connect to the source of their motivation comes from her own well-earned experience with life’s ups and downs. She is the host and producer of The Unstoppable YOU, a monthly live stream where she gathers an eclectic group of experts to speak into how to get unstuck, so you can reclaim your power, and have happy loving relationships.




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