353. Aicila Lewis – Are You Bicurean?

(Aye-ee-sila) (she/her/hers) is a Director of Motivation, an Organizational Strategist for Dreamers and Underdogs, an Asker of Hard Questions, a Community Builder, and a prolific writer. An unapologetic geek, she may be dressed as a Star Trek cos-playing Minion or a Portal test subject (complete with portal gun). Lewis is an Apocaloptimist; she knows that it may all go horribly wrong, but assumes that even the zombie apocalypse will have a bright-side. A well-known Colorado Progressive Leadership Fellow, Aicila was named One of the 100 Women we Love by Go! Magazine in 2011 and awarded a Special Certificate of Congressional Recognition in 2013 for her community work. Aicila is blessed to have two fantastic children and an extensive friend group to support her in her various hijinx. https://www.bicurean.org/episodes https://linktr.ee/bicurean

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