326. David and Cindy Mulonas – First Date at Costco, Blending Families Together and Building a Solid Relationship

When David met Cindy she was destitute: bankrupt, in foreclosure and abused by her ex-husband; and she was paying him alimony! David was out of work and had to pretend to be the HR department at my former job to be able to refinance just before the financial crisis during my divorce. They both had custody of their kids and had a lot of “fixing” to do with their lives.They raised blended kids successfully, realigned their focus to be successful in their careers and live happily. Along the way they also survived the unexpected with Cindy being hit by a car walking across the street along with two bouts of COVID.

Their story is a testament to hard work, success and patience. Having a reciprocal and rewarding relationship allows them to manage life’s unexpected turns.

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