323. Kara Sandoval – The Health and Wellness Industry is Evolving and It is a Good Thing

Born and raised in a small town in NM, I had 2 choices, work and play hard or get in trouble. I chose the play hard, work hard (maybe I just didn’t get caught for the other lol). I have played sports my entire life; basketball, soccer, football, golf, track, you name it. I figured out early on that my brain worked better when I was in motion and coupled with my desire to help people, I knew I would become a personal trainer one day. After numerous injuries (knee, shoulder, wrist, back, and elbow) due to mainly overtraining and lack of nutritional knowledge coupled with chronic stress and fatigue, my body had enough. I had to quit collegiate sports, which ironically allowed me to focus on how and why I was always hurt and how to help people not do the same things. I have great empathy for injuries, what they do the body and the mind. This has shaped my scope, certifications, and methodology when training my clients, teams and corporate wellness classes. After college I received some of the best experience and education working with SCI clients, being mentored by Project Walk and countless names that have and continue to change the industry as we know it. I have trained over 300 clients, teams, professional athletes, youth, elderly and am confident that no matter who you are or what your background and goals are, I can help. ​ With 21 years of experience, a BS in Exercise Science and countless certifications I passionately work with each individual to ensure proper mobility, stability, and strength. I incorporate the FMS Screen along with gait analysis, coupled with KINESICS to ensure I develop a program that will build your strongest foundation, thus leading to your goals, without injury. Through motivation (our mind is the driver; we will address goals, the why’s, motivation, habits, food, and supplements), program design, and correct biomechanics. You will feel better, move without pain and begin to embrace your heart, mind, and body as it morphs into the skin you desire. Today is always the best day to start. Whether you have never set foot in a gym or are a seasoned athlete, together we will exceed your goals and expectations for a lifetime. Links: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/btgwellco/?hl=en LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kara-sandoval-19783a14/

Website: https://www.btgwellco.com/

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