321. Dr. Katherine Coder – Transpersonal Psychology, Plant Medicine and the Value in Ceremony and Integration After the Ceremony

Dr. “Eva” Katherine Coder is a trauma therapist, transpersonal psychologist, spiritual guide, and teacher. Eva Katherine invites people to realize and express their full divine-humanness to themselves, in relationship, and in community. She works through co-creating evolutionary containers for growth with her clients. She is the creator of the OINOS Temple, a five-element initiatory immersion. Her specialties include trauma resolution, deep feminine cultivation, elemental medicine and psycho-spiritual integration. Eva Katherine’s transformative work connects body, mind, and Spirit to allow people to integrate at a profound level and live from their true essence. She is the author of After the Ceremony Ends, a guidebook for visionary plant medicine integration. When she’s not holding space for growth and integration, Eva Katherine can be found spending time with family and friends and enjoying Mama Nature. She can be reached through her website at http://www.evamedicina.com, her Facebook page, Eva Medicina, or by email to eva@evamedicina.com. —

LINKS IG: @eva__medicina

Web: http://www.evamedicina.com

FB: @EvaMedicina and @DrKatherineCoder

Email: eva@evamedicina.com

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