305. Laura Rubin – This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Midlife: Conversations Around The Current Culture of Being Middle Aged

Laura Rubin is The Midlife Navigator inspiring women to embrace midlife with renewed energy and a sense of purpose by connecting to their true north. She is a speaker, writer, and the founder of the Midlife Strategy Road Map. Laura spent her entire life ticking off the boxes (marriage, children, career); mindlessly following the crowd and what society had modeled as the perfect life. As she approached her 50’s, a nagging feeling of unrest became too strong to ignore. This was not her perfect life and it was time to discover her true north. This journey led her to her life’s calling – encouraging women in midlife to explore, discover and create a life of passion, purpose and fulfillment. Laura’s mission is to change society’s negative stigma of midlife by empowering women to own this time in their lives as their superpower. She guides them on a journey to live life on purpose and helps them design a road map to create a new vision of midlife so they can embrace this stage – not fear it. Laura spends her free time staying fit, traveling the world, and competing as a National-level equestrian.

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