304. Marina Billinghurst – What is a True Artist? Nurturing Your Desire for Art and Creating a Mood for Creativity

Marina’s career in art and fashion spans over two decades. After winning Canadian fashion design awards in her twenties, Marina went on to graduate from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design. She’s also designed and stepped into the Creative Director role for multiple leading fashion brands in Canada and internationally.

In 2019, a lifetime of creating original artwork culminated in Marina creating her own distinct aesthetic of dreamy watercolors paired with luscious materials for a luxury collection of sustainable, wearable art pieces as @artofmarina. Or http://www.artofmarina.com Her happiest days are spent making art—and sharing it with others. Marina wrote a book called The Nine Magical Butterflies. It is a book about her own creative transformation through painting butterflies that will be released this fall. Marina facilitates paint therapy watercolor workshops from coast to coast as a way to help others destress, unlock their passion and exceed their wildest dreams. And when she’s not advocating for the causes dear to her heart, she’s in her studio listening to unplugged acoustic anything, recording podcasts, painting a watercolor world.

Music Credit: One Man Book – Every Page is a Truth

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