300. Aspen Anonda – This One is About You

Aspen Anonda is no stranger to baring her soul in all that she does. Since her debut performance at the age of 9, her love for songwriting, travel, and personal connection led her to release a debut EP in 2017, “Inner Workings of my Soul.” She followed up this release with two singles “Stay a Little While” in 2018 and “Travel Therapy” in 2019. 2021 is an exciting year for Aspen as she begins to release new music including her latest EP This One Is About You, out April 11. Because of her love for astrology, each song from the project was released on the new moon of each month to embrace these significant moments of manifestation. Aspen has had the opportunity to perform all over Georgia at venues such as 40 Watt Club, Eddies Attic, Smith’s Olde Bar, and the GA Theatre Rooftop. She was also featured at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Santa Rosa, Florida. Connect with Aspen: Instagram | Facebook | Website | TikTok

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