270. Pratiti Pathak- Being a Foreigner in Your Culture, Between 12 Years and 12 Minutes and Sitting With Your Feelings

I’m a Realtor with Keller Williams & currently working toward becoming a certified life & business coach. I just created and launched a new coaching program, Results by Design, for solo-entrepreneurs. I love helping people in businesses & really with anything that they’re struggling with. I myself have gone through so many challenges in life growing up in 2 different cultures, Trying so hard to fit in with both & not fitting in with either. I realized that years of keeping what I was going through to myself is what was hurting me. It was only after I started sharing my struggles openly that I gained true connection with others & that they too were going through struggles. So, today, I’m passionate about sharing my experiences in life with, bullying, lies, deception, abandonment, tragedy and loss in hopes to help others know that they’re not alone. I want them to know that sharing is the best way to learn, grow and evolve into the best versions of themselves.

Music Credit: Crowmander – Whiskey

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