268. Rebecca Roper – The Rise of Girls and Women’s Wrestling, The Dan Gable Museum and The Incredible Fitness and Grit of Wrestlers

I have served as the assistant to the director of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum since 2019. I am responsible for social media and event planning while also being in charge of the daily operations of the museum and merchandise. I created “Girl Talk at the Dan Gable Museum,” a series of videos/podcast interviewing wives of wrestling coaches. I grew up around wrestling as my father wrestled and coached and my uncles wrestled at Georgia Tech. My brother was a two-time Georgia state high school champion and an All-American at Emmanuel College. My father wouldn’t let me wrestle because there wasn’t a girls wrestling program, but I was a mat maid in high school. My husband, Lee, is the head assistant coach for the University of Northern Iowa wrestling team.

Music Credit: Shaolin Dub – Back Turn

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