259. Laura and Nicole – Who Do I Want to Be When I Wake Up?


We are Bare Slate Inc., a social enterprise with a purpose rooted in helping individuals gain access to ongoing education and information by leveraging technology and video! We work to lift up voices so that insights, stories, expertise and experiences can be shared as widely as possible. We focus on personal accountability, mental health, time management and goal achievement in order to inspire others to succeed.

We firmly believe that you are one conversation away from changing your life and getting more!

Laura and Nicole Bio

Laura & Nicole are the hosts of the Get More Podcast, The Ask More. Get More. Show. and The Early Morning Experience. They are also the founders of the Get More Membership which provides individuals access to ongoing learning in Career & Business, Health & Wellness, Finances & Wealth and Personal Development with a strong focus on Mental Health and cultivating a Growth Mindset.

Laura Moon

Laura Moon is an accomplished sales and leadership executive, known for her unique ability to blend compassion and ambition in order to reach any goal. After more than two decades leading coaching and training over 500 leaders and sales professionals, Laura finished her corporate career in the automotive industry as the General Sales Manager at Toyota and leaped into entrepreneurship and founded Bare Slate Inc. in 2007. Her focus is and always has been, access to education and ongoing training via modern and ever-changing delivery models.

Nicole Girouard, BBA

Nicole Girouard, BBA is an accomplished leadership and training executive, known for her unique ability to find solutions to complex problems. She spent two decades in the corporate world and made the successful transition to entrepreneurship and shares her expertise with organizations looking to make the shift. She is passionate about leveraging technology and video in business in order to simplify complex communication pathways, develop access to training and education, and create sustainable business models. As a successful management consultant and service provider, she holds her Bachelors of Business Administration, studies Digital Business Models, and is active in the ongoing study of Social Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mental Health.

Music Credit: Bondage Fairies

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