390. Coralee Zueff – How to Create a Better Customer/Technician Relationship in the Automotive Industry

Coralee is the founder of The Passing Lane on Vancouver Island which specializes in Automotive Service Advisor Training. She has 20 years in the Automotive Industry as a First Year Automotive Technician, Journeymen Parts Person, and Sales Consultant. She lives on Vancouver Island with her husband Clinton and their two daughters, Shelby and Danika. Coralee is fearless. When she is not “talking shop” she can be found scuba diving at 100+ feet, scaling rock walls, cruising on her motorcycle, or honing Autocross skills. Her next adventure is to try skydiving. http://www.facebook.com/fivestarserviceadvisorcoraleezueff http://www.coraleezueff.com/apply http://www.linkedin.com/in/coralee-zueff-414083167/

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